This page shows a small camera and some of its videos

The camera is a "Key Chain Video Camera
and there is a lot of info on the Net for it.

It is available from a number of sources

Hobby King
Search for "Keychain Camera"
in the Quick Search box
on the left side of the page

It comes with absolutely no instructions
or paperwork, so you find out how to run it
by searching the web.
This site China-Mobile-Phone
has some info and is a low cost source.
But wants more for the micro SD card

This is a great site for info
Here are in-flight videos taken by the Secretary.
Just close the video and you will come back here.

The first flight
The camera is on the vertical fin, but
aimed too high.
The vibration causes distortion.
ALSO: get ready to turn the audio down!

2nd flight
The camera is on the vertical fin,
aimed about perfect.

3rd flight
The camera is on the vertical fin,
pointed back, see the rudder?
This didn't work well, because the only
gliding shots are all sky!
These were taken from Shelby Township, MI, S. of 21 Mile Road, and W. of Schoenherr. I must fly within the area of the lake, so there are a lot of turns involved. When it is up real high, it is difficult for me to see the orientation, which just adds to the twisting and turning. So if you play it back slow, like your Windows Media Player will allow, maybe you won't get sick!

The camera's .avi format is clearer than these in .wmv, but they are three times as large, most people would not want to wait that long on the download.
Mounted on glasses.
Looking from underneath.
Slotted plastic 2-way locator.
Magnet is the 4-way locator.
Magnet aligns with magnet in glasses frame.